Who is the Golden Horde?

“We may fuck up a million things on this journey but our intentions and goals are always to watch out for our players. Good people will always have a home here.” – Bo, CEO of the Golden Horde Alliance.

We are honored to provide a top tier gaming community for all players, across all time zones, irrespective of what game or clan they came from. Our team represents the best and the brightest. A culmination of diverse people, interests, and team cultures, putting aside their differences to create something greater, something stronger. 

Our goal is to build a new home in Eve Echoes with a culture centered on having fun, being inclusive, and creating opportunities for our players. We hope you will join us and add your personality to our ever expanding melting pot. This community aims to be the best in all of New Eden and we’d be privileged to have you beside us to help make that vision a reality.

We are committed to providing an ideal environment for our diverse player base, as well as an inclusive environment for all those who wish to join us in our cause. Whether you are someone who has never spent a day in the life of an Eve Online pilot, or someone with 17 years of EO experience, the Golden Horde has a place for you. . Through our dedication and hard work Valhalla and her allies prosper and so do you. We will continue to drive ourselves towards the betterment of not only our community but the EE community overall!